Great Hike Up Mount Chororua

Mt. Chocorua!!!

Mt. Chocorua!!!


Muddy Paws

Diabetic Dog Bakery Blog

When dealing with muddy paws on the carpet, just sprinkle with enough baking soda to cover the mud print and let it dry.  Once dry, vacuum up the baking soda and dirt.  If there is a light stain, spray with carpet stain remover and it should lift right up.

Mud is always much easier to remove when it is dry so never try to clean it when the muddy paw prints is wet.  It will just smear deeper into the carpet fibers.

Howling for rainy days!

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Nice Cod!

Always excited to see what comes up from the bottom!

Nice sized cod!

Reeled up this cod from 170′ on his own! It’s going in the Chowda today!

Reeled up from 170'  a 30" cod!

My arm is tired from cranking Dad!

Nice haul of crabs

Cabbin'... nothing better for a 8 year old!

Crab Traps

Nothing better than a day of crabbing for an 8 year old

Deadliest Catch

Gettin ready for another episode of "Deadliest Catch"